All Quiet

Whilst tidying up remnants of old local SEO experiments that were used to “beef up” my knowledge, and removing instances of my old home address used online I realised that I’d not updated this blog in well over a year. Here’s a quick update: Is this blog dead? Not really, it was only built with

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Locating Unnatural Links

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, 2012 was a turbulent year for those in the SEO industry. The year saw Google becoming more intelligent in the ways that they detected unnatural link portfolios and the punishments being stricter than ever before. May began with Twitter alight amidst a flurry of SEO’ers and webmasters

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My Thoughts On Link Building In 2013

2012, a year that will be forever remembered for the Queen’s diamond jubilee, London welcoming the world as it hosted a successful Olympic games and conspiracy theorists building bunkers as they faced their impending doom, scheduled for December 21st. For SEO professionals worldwide, some of these events were eclipsed by monumental changes to the search

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An Introduction

Greetings! My name is Oliver Carding and after years of procrastinating I have finally taken the time to set up my own blog. I aim to use this space as a portfolio to showcase my work and to discuss the ever evolving world of SEO. As mentioned in the widget to the right hand side

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About My Work

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